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Arcadia was always conceived as a Studio based project. Whilst we did make videos, we never intended to play live shows. - Nick Rhodes, Ask Katy, February 2009
      Although never touring with the album, Nick and Simon took on an intensive promotional schedule for all sections of the Arcadia project, appearing on TV programmes across the globe. This page is here to give an example of just part of the work undertaken by showing some of the performances of their songs in different countries.

Goodbye Is Forever - Joan Rivers, USA

The Flame - Spain

Election Day - Tocata, Spain

Election Day - Top Of The Pops, UK

Election Day - Countdown, Holland

Election Day - France

Election Day - Villa Tempo, Belgium

The Promise - Noel Edmonds Show, UK

      "We have played both Arcadia & Power Station songs in Duran Duran’s sets, but not as the original five piece band. Since we are now currently discussing for later this year, I am sure the subject will be raised sooner or later. Personally, I think we should play the entire Arcadia album from start to finish…and maybe one Powerstation song during intermission … actually I quite like their album, maybe we could do two..." - Nick Rhodes, Ask Katy, April 2003

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