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      "...the initial core of Arcadia consisted of Simon, Roger and I along with Mark Egan on bass and Masami Tsuchiya on guitar. Most of the other guests were chosen as we wrote the songs... We didn’t actually ask any one other than the people who appeared on the album, but felt extremely lucky and privileged to work with all the musicians who appeared on 'So Red the Rose'." - Nick Rhodes, Ask Katy, February 2009

Carlos Alomar - Guitarist

Mark Egan - Bassist

Mark Egan performs on The Promise, El Diablo and Lady Ice using a fretless bass.

Dave Gilmour - Guitarist

The Pink Floyd guitarist is to be heard playing on Goodbye Is Forever.
      "We decided on Dave Gilmour because we wanted atmospheric guitar, in a mood which only he could possibly have captured." - Nick Rhodes, Ask Katy, February 2009

Herbie Hancock - Pianist

      "Herbie Hancock happened to be in Paris at the time, as did Sting, and both came in to the Studio to make their contributions." - Nick Rhodes, Ask Katy, February 2009

Grace Jones - Vocalist

Grace Jones can be heard reciting the following piece during Election Day:
By roads and backways a lover's chance down a wind
Cut open murmurs and sounds be calm hands on skin
Carry further oh... entangled strands all sing
Saving some time to slip away we could dance

      "We decided that Grace Jones would be perfect to deliver the monologue in the middle of “Election Day.” Fortunately we already knew her, and Alex Sadkin had produced several of her albums, so she accepted our invitation." - Nick Rhodes, Ask Katy, February 2009

Andy Mackay - Saxophonist

      "Once we knew we wanted to use a saxophone, Andy MacKay was an obvious choice because of his extraordinary work with Roxy Music." - Nick Rhodes, Ask Katy, February 2009
      "...Andy’s a great sax player. He really contributed something to the Arcadia project" - Simon Le Bon, Ask Katy, February 2001

Alex Sadkin - Producer

      "...Alex was indeed a very special producer. He had remarkable patience and great taste. I had the pleasure of working with Alex on both Duran Duran and Arcadia projects. He came with experience, knowledge and was fearless when it came to trying something new. He had worked with many incredible artists, including Bob Marley, Talking Heads & Grace Jones. I am certain that if he were alive today, he would be one of the most highly regarded Producers in the world. I certainly learnt more about production from him than any other single person I have worked with and I miss him dearly." - Nick Rhodes, Ask Katy, June 2003

Violetta Sanchez - Vocalist

Violetta Sanchez is claimed to be the inspiration for the So Red The Rose cover artwork by Tony Viramontes, as well as the voice behind the spanish intro to The Flame.

Sting - Vocalist

Sting contributed additional vocals for The Promise.
      " was a real pleasure to work with him actually. It was interesting for me seeing the way somebody else works, how another singer works, just to listen to him singing, I mean the guy's got a very powerful voice. He's a professional in an artistic way. It's very difficult to walk into somebody else's session and find a really useful line to take, a useful piece of music, something that does add something to the track, and he did it straight away, very quickly. It was a joy to work with him." - Simon Le Bon, MTV Interview, 1985

David Van Tieghem - Percussionist

Masami Tsuchiya - Guitarist

Specifically Credited for the guitar playing on Election Day.
      "We worked with an array of extraordinary musicians, one of the most significant contributors being Masami. He was an integral part of the sound of the record. He spent many months in Paris with us and his unique guitar playing is featured throughout the album." - Nick Rhodes, Ask Katy, February 2009

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