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This website is part of the Celluloid Dreams Network of Nick Rhodes Fansites, all of which are listed below:

Our Aim

The aim of this website is to collect together all of the pieces in our collections that represent the Arcadia project. They are displayed here as an archive of information to share with each other and our fellow Arcadia fans.
   At present, as we launch this site, there is no official Arcadia site and no official or unofficial Arcadia books. This makes it difficult for fans of the group or casual enquirers to find further information. We live in hope that one day this will not always be the case, but until then we have created this website to cover the gap.
   If any other Arcadia fans wish to contribute to this archive we would be very pleased to hear from you and would credit your assistance. The more we can find about Arcadia the better. It may only have been a small project as far as time and Long Playing vinyl is concerned, but the intense creativity and hard work behind it resulted in something truly inspirational.


Thank-you to the friendly inhabitants of both the Celluloid Dreams and Burning The Ground forums as well as the girls at Harlot Castle for their help sourcing some of our content and supplying us with beautiful pictures of Duran Duran.
   Special thanks to Dean Chamberlain for allowing us to reproduce his beautiful images on this site. Our gratitude also goes to Katy Krassner for so kindly letting us use the Arcadia quotes from her Ask Katy section of the official Duran Duran site and for frequently supplying Arcadia fans with the answers to their questions.
   Extra special thanks to Simon, Nick and Roger without whom we wouldn't have such a fabulous project to enjoy in the first place. ...and if any of you are reading this and have a bit of time on your hands we really wouldn't mind seeing that book of Arcadia photographs by Dean Chamberlain that Nick keeps teasingly mentioning you're all thinking of putting together. Hint hint.


This website is not run by the music group Arcadia.
   All content remains the property of Nick Rhodes, Simon Le Bon, Roger Taylor, Katy Krassner and the photographers, artists and publications who created the pieces contained in our collection. It is reproduced here for non-profit purposes with the aim of entertaining Arcadia fans and introducing more people to their work.
   All opinions expressed within were originally written at the time and do not necessarily reflect those of the webmistresses.


Attempts have been made to identify and contact as many of the photographers whose work appears on this site as possible. If your work is represented here and you are happy with us to continue displaying it, please can you let us know your name and, if possible, supply us with a link for people to access your work.
   The magazines and press cuttings that we have used to source this site rarely identify photography credits, and when they do they tend to identify different photographers for the same image. As the photography used to promote and display Arcadia's work had a huge impact on the atmosphere and beauty of the project we would like to be able to identify as many of the photographers as possible and any help you can give us would be most appreciated.

Printed Matter

All of the articles reproduced on this site are the property of the publications who originally published them. We have credited the publications and writers where the information was available to us, and would appreciate any help with identifying those which we have not named and dated.

Recent Quotes

The recent quotes from members of Arcadia which are used on this website were kindly supplied by Katy Krassner. Please visit the links section of this website to view more of her work for the official Duran Duran website and the book "Would Someone Please Explain".

Contacting Us

If you have additional Arcadia material that you wish to contribute or have any questions or comments about the site, we would love to hear from you.

Contact the Webmistresses

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We hope you enjoy this site.

Sincerely, Rhodiva and Sentimentalist.

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