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Love To Love Them!

When election day rolls around, will you cast your ballot for Arcadians, Simon, Nick and Roger?

      "When Andy and John decided to form Power Station, I didn't feel like taking a six-month holiday," says Simon. "I had a lot of creative energy, and you can't save it. It's like sexual energy. You use it when the time comes."
      Well, Simon, Roger and Nick certainly put all their energy into Arcadia and their first release, "Election Day" is proving it was worth it. As for the rumors that Power Station and Arcadia are breaking up that old Duran Duran gang, well, Roger says: "That's rubbish. We start a new album soon. We may do things outside the group, but Duran Duran is the most important thing in our lives. It controls our lives, whether we like it or not."
      So much from Roger, the silent, shy one of the group. Then there's Nick, the outrageous one, who says he thrives on the hard work of rock, but wishes people would take them more seriously. "I don't like the cliches about rock," he says. "Drugs, fast women, not working, partying all night and looking like you're 55 when you're 22. People don't understand how hard we work. We're constantly under a horrendous time pressure. Once an album's done, there's a video and a photo session--it never ends."
      Nick has also found it a bit hard to go back home. No matter how much things stay the same with Birmingham, they change for him. Says he: "You try to keep your friends, but it sounds like name-dropping when you talk about what you've been doing and who with. It's only been five or six years since we left, but they've been incredibly long years."
      Long years, yes, but years that have let us fall in love with these wonderful guys. And now with Arcadia there's more to love...and we do love to love 'em!

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