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Nick interviewed at the Hamilton Gallery which was hosting an exhibition of his photography, Simon interviewed on the way to another meeting.

NICK: Well Election Day, I think, was the obvious first single for us, and we'd sort of heard it for a long time and we'd gotten used to it a little bit. But when it was released just a few days ago in fact, some of the things that people were coming out with... I don't think people can comes to terms with the fact that the arrangement of the song is so radically different to most of the other things we've done. I mean we usually have a verse and a chorus and a middle and then an out chorus or whatever and it's not arranged like that at all.

SIMON: Bye bye! How are you?
FANS: Hello!
SIMON: This is my family, this is my family by forty different women all over the world. Actually, that'd make me about three. (laughs) Bye Sam! Okay, whoops, 'you alright in there?
INTERVIEWER: Simon, Not only are you incredibly popular you are also very elusive, I've been hunting you all round London, you're very busy.
SIMON: I know I've had a lot to do today, sorry.
INTERVIEWER: What've you been up to today?
SIMON: None of your business.

INTERVIEWER: Well what's it about? Election Day sounds political.
NICK: Ah, it's not really so political, it's more about a day of decision really. It was just a vague idea that Simon had that everyday you have to make x amount of decisions or whatever. And some days those decisions are very important and very difficult to make.

SIMON: I mean it could be taken in many different ways, it could be a sexual metaphor, it could be just a metaphor for love, it could be politics! I heard somebody play the record and afterwards the guy said 'and now here's someone who'll deffinately be buying the record' and Margaret Thatcher's voice comes on and goes 'I think it could be my election day'. It was really funny.

NICK: Well the video is very much meant to be a little surreal. It's an abstract statement that fits together with the music instead of making a very linear video with a nice little story that fits with the song. We decided to go the other direction and make something that was more of a collage really of images. Some are slightly relative to the song and maybe others drift off in a different direction. We just felt that there are so many videos now that are being shown that give away everything in the song and leave nothing to people's imagination, and that you're even listening to something on the radio and you're seeing this vision sort of floating above your head like one of those little devils with a prong that shows you exactly what's on the video for that song. And we didn't want this one to be like that.

INTERVIEWER: Are you proud of what you've done with Arcadia?
SIMON: (defensively) Yeah, I think it's brilliant, I'm really happy with it.

NICK: I think style's always been a very large part of youth culture. I mean I grew up in a period that I guess was known as Glam Rock which was David Bowie and Roxy Music, Cockney Rebel and people like that and they always used to wear the most amazing sort of costumes and things. I always remember when I was a kid I really enjoyed it, going to see them and they'd put on a performance

INTERVIEWER: D'you enjoy all this getting around, promoting and PR work?
SIMON: Well, yes and no. When there's some extraordinarily good looking, attractive, interesting people like you then it's erm...
SIMON: They've put the camera on you! (laughs)
INTERVIEWER: This is my big moment!
SIMON: And Simon comes stikcing his tongue down your... no, anyway, erm!
INTERVIEWER: Be serious!
SIMON: I was absoloutely serious.
INTERVIEWER: Well I don't know what to say.
SIMON: Well you get interesting, cos let's face it, driving around London in the back of a Range Rover is sort of a different way to do it anyway. Are you seeing the looks we're getting from people on the street?! But ah, sometimes it gets a real pain in the neck 'cause you get asked the same questions over and over again.
INTERVIEWER: I'm sorry about that.
SIMON: Oh it's okay.
INTERVIEWER: In case I do I mean.
SIMON: You've asked a few actually.
INTERVIEWER: Have I? Oh dear.
SIMON: You've got great earrings though.
INTERVIEWER: Oh, thank-you very much, I like yours too.
SIMON: You do? I've got to tell you the story behind this.

INTERVIEWER: So why have you changed your image so much for Arcadia? I mean Simon's had his hair cut and you've all got black hair now.
NICK: Well, because I think Arcadia's a fresh sort of project and it needed something new really. It isn't a Duran Duran record by any means so. I don't know, we've always sort of changed, I think it's good to have that sort of pallette in front of you that you can move around. It wasn't any specific reason I don't think really. It just felt like time for a change.

SIMON: The earring, yes, she gave it to me because I said I liked it. I saw her wearing one in Paris so she said she'd get me one. So she did, yesterday, great hey? You only get things like that if you ask for them.
INTERVIEWER: Have you just got one? What's this one?
SIMON: That's different.
INTERVIEWER: I know, but what's the story behind that one?
SIMON: Oh, I can't tell you that. Right, we're here, gotta go.
INTERVIEWER: Oh, so soon, you have to go?
SIMON: I'm sorry, yeah. I was supposed to be here at six. Okay.
INTERVIEWER: Well that was a pleasure thank-you very much Simon.
SIMON: It was a pleasure absoloutely.
INTERVIEWER: I enjoyed that. I'm sorry that we didn't have longer.
SIMON: No, no problem.
INTERVIEWER: And I'm sorry you couldn't make it to the gallery.
SIMON: Okay, I'm sorry as well, I'm sorry to let you down but I've enjoyed this very much indeed.
INTERVIEWER: It's been good fun.
SIMON: Thanks guys, ciao!

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