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Joan Rivers: Congratulations!
SIMON: Well, thank-you!
Joan Rivers: Your wife's gonna have a baby, and your wife's gonna have a baby. So what's gonna happen with the groupies? 'Cause the two of you have had some good times. How old are you?
SIMON: We were told not to mention it on TV!
Joan Rivers: How old you are, or the groupies?
NICK: Both
Joan Rivers: What's gonna happen?
NICK: Well I'm twenty three now.
Joan Rivers: You've lived a lot for twenty three.
NICK: Yeah, twenty three years in fact. Well, I don't know, I mean I think that those things are just... it's more of a myth really with the music thing. I mean you do have some fun but they sort of always get locked outside of the backstage doors.
Joan Rivers: Why did you leave Duran Duran?
NICK: We haven't really.
SIMON: We didn't. No, we just became the amusement arcadia.
Joan Rivers: Why?
SIMON: Ah, I think there just came a point with Duran, it just was such a demanding job after five years of literally living in each other's pockets. There was a record company on our back and the managers and everybody surrounding us, everybody who was having a living which involved us wanted more Duran, more Duran, more Duran! And the five of us just decided that it wasn't us who were making the decisions any more and that we wanted to give it a rest so it didn't get stale for us.
Joan Rivers: They say the two of you came on tonight because of Cher. D'you know her?
NICK: She nicked my hotel room in New York. There I was, gone for two weeks and I got back and she was in it.
Joan Rivers: Were you married then or single?
NICK: Oh married, deffinately.
Joan Rivers: Well then you had to play fair. Shall we bring Cher on? Thanks the two of you for coming on, you're wonderful. Will you sign an album later for my daughter?

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