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NICK:We came up one night and we just all went, all three of us, yeah that's it. It's just got the right feeling for what we've been doing and it attached itself just to us. I don't think it's that relative to anything else.
SIMON:We decided when the Power Station had been working on their project for a while actually, that we were gonna do this. Mainly as a means of killing some time. I mean, I was gonna go on holiday and he phoned me up and says no chance, no you've got to work with me. I mean, we've been promising each other an album of cover versions actually for a long time and we went into the studio and started and it just developed into a sort of full scale album, just like that. And it's actually sort of carried on now. We're gonna promote it properly and make the most of it.
NICK:When we started, when Simon and I started writing together in January there was this sort of big piece of blank paper that five people are usually walking on from every direction, and there was just two of us to fill it up at that stage, and Roger joined us later. And I guess it meant that I could stretch my arms out a bit further and try things that maybe I would have felt would've been infringing on other people's territory within Duran Duran. I mean, this album really developed from very simple beginnings and grew into something, not so much indulgent and complex, but certainly something a little more mature. Which I think it the direction we would be going in anyway. But in that maturity we didn't loose vitality which has always been something very close to our hearts.
SIMON:You must remember with Duran, we are very much a pop group. Duran Duran works within the confines of a form, in the same way as... pop music is a form in the same way as you get comedies and tragedies. A pop group is a specific form and we want to keep it like that. It works well. We're reasonably good at it and it's alright for us and we like to keep it like that. Something like this comes along, and I'm glad we didn't do this in Duran. I know that Andy and John would never dream of doing the Power Station with Duran, it wouldn't have been right. It wouldn't have fitted in with the rest of us. And it was just a chance to go into the studio without any preconceptions musically whatsoever. We walked in and we didn't think, oh we're going to write a dance song, we're going to write a fast number, a heavy number. We just went in and said, let's let the music take us through it. Let's just follow the kind of sound we're hearing in our heads.
SIMON:It's very dificult to say what the album is about. I mean if there is a theme I think it's a theme of freedom. Varying degrees of freedom and imprisonment by yourself or by other people.
NICK:Right now it's an album. We said to ourselves, us and Power Station, that we would complete our projects properly, and they really wanted to do a tour. At the time we weren't so sure about doing a tour. Now I think we've completed the album we'd like to do some dates at some stage but by the beginning of next year I think we'll be well rooted in Duran Duran material.

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