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Duran Duran is one group that a good many critics expected to fade out of sight. Their drop-dead good looks initially caused more commotion than their musical aptitude. But three years after "Hungry Like A Wolf" hit the top ten in America, the group is stronger than ever...Strong enough, in fact, to spawn spinoff acts. Star has the latest on what's happening with the three who didn't join Power Station.

      When John and Andy Taylor went off to record and tour with the Power Station, rumors flew like crazy as to the stability of Duran Duran. When Power Station proved to get better press than Duran Duran did, everyone just assumed that Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, and Roger Taylor must be fuming with jealousy.
      Not so. The latter three were too busy working on their own project with their group, Arcadia. LeBon says John and Andy's success was good for the whole group because it proved to everyone out there that the members of Duran Duran really are competent musicians. Praise aside though, LeBon also admits that Power Station's success gave him more motivation to make Arcadia a hit as well.
      Given the unstable business of rock 'n' roll, no one can predict what will be a hit and what won't. But look at the facts: besides Roger and Nick and Simon, contributing artists on the band's album include Grace Jones and Sting. It has a more jazzy feel than anything Duran has ever done, though it's not quite as hard rocking as Power Station's sound.
      Their first single is slated for release just before November 5th. Appropriately enough, it's called "Election Day". And the song is bound to win over new fans...
      John says he's heard bits and pieces off the LP. His opinion? "I'm proud!" he grins.
      What will happen to Duran Duran if Arcadia proves to be as successful as the Power Station? Well, all the guys in Duran say they'll play together until they can't create good, fun music anymore. As for Arcadia and Power Station, those are side projects for all involved.

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