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April 1986
Pages 16-18

Arcadia Has Spoken!

Stop, Look And Listen To What Duran's Other Half Has Had To Say And Do During Their Arcadia Days!

Simon Le Bon

. . . Says "Don't write off Duran Duran. After five years of living in one another's pockets we all needed a break."

Simon played guitar for Arcadia. In Duran Duran, he says, "Andy would never let me."

". . . (In Paris), it occurred to me that my most recognizable point was my blond hair and when I dyed it black I didn't get followed so much. Also, it kind of suited the mood of the Arcadia album, which is a kind of dark, Mediterranean, Spanish, Russian, Irish feel."

"I loved The Three Musketeers. That was a potential name for the group."

"I write all the lyrics. The music's written between myself and Nick and Roger. It's quite a free set-up really."

". . . We didn't think in terms of trying to avoid being like (Duran Duran). We thought we could write songs that weren't like Duran songs."

Nick Rhodes

"It really does fit together better as an album than anything we've ever done. Not to put down Duran in any way. I'm proud of everything we've done, but I think you should reach a higher peak."

". . . We have got enough material for nearly two albums!"

"This was the first time I played with any other musicians. I mean I formed Duran when I was 16 with John."

The new Duran album, which we're going to embark on once this album is finished, should reach a higher peak than this. I think we've learned a lot and I think Power Station has too."

"Roger wrote all the rhythms while Simon and I started off quite simply with a piano, pencil and paper. We began working things out very carefully and tried to achieve something we have not really done before, which is to create very carefully crafted songs. We have also attempted to do something a little more abstract to our work with Duran Duran. Simon's lyrics are drawn from much deeper experiences. I helped with the subject matter in the lyrics and contributed much more to the music."

Roger Taylor

"The one thing we didn't want to do was make it sound like another rock'n'roll band like 'The SOmething.' "

To Roger, So Red The Rose has more "space" than and Duran Duran product; it's less crowded and less competitive in sound.

Roger, his wife Giovanna and Simon leBon shared an apartment in Paris while they were recording the Arcadia album.

"We haven't done this to compete with ourselves. We've got enough competition from other bands."

"(Years ago) we'd get ten pounds a week, didn't have apartments, but we seemed very happy. Now . . . we're all millionaires, got everything we've ever wanted, but sometimes we don't seem as happy as we were."

Roger calls Arcadia's music "ambient, atmospheric European dance music."

Through a spokespersonm Roger let it be known that he "is looking for a place in Hampshire in Sussex. He wants to buy a farm." That's why he was missing from the Duran Super Concert One press conference that preceeded Arcadia's LP release.

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