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Duran Duran's
Other Half!

Duran is a band filled with ambitious musicians. Members John and Andy Taylor expanded their musical capabilities and formed the group The Power Station. Now, other Duran guys have their own special project, Arcadia, withthe song "Election Day" off thier new album So Red The Rose.
      In the tradition of The Power Station (which includes Duran's John and Andy Taylor, Robert Palmer and Tony Thompson), the other handsome members of The Fab Five have formed their own musical venture named Arcadia.
      Joining lead vocalist Simon leBon is keyboardist Nick Rhodes and drummer Roger Taylor. The new threesome have temporarily teamed up with former Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour, Roxy Music's former saxaphonist Andy McKay, and back up vocals by Sting and the always-fascinating Grace Jones ("She's my favorite female entertainer!" enthuses Nick).
      Their debut album, So Red The Rose, and the single "Election Day", are both already climbing up the record charts!
      Twenty-seven-year-old Simon (he celebrates his birthday on October 27!) created the concept of Arcadia at the beginning of 1985, although he and Nick had originally talked about doing an album together performing other people's songs nearly two years ago.
      The result of Simon and Nick's dream is the combination of their songwriting talents for Arcadia's LP.
      The guys were in New York recently putting the finishing touches on the LP which was also recorded in Paris, France), and Simon was asked to describe Arcadia's musical style and what their upcoming plans are.
      " promised me an album!"
      "I can't say that Arcadia's music is rock," he begins with a twinkle in his bright blue eyes. "It's pop music.
      "I had every intention of going on a vacation--I wasn't even thinking about music. Then Nick called me on the telephone and said, 'Charley (Simon's nickname!), you promised me an album!' How could I resist?" ponders Simon.
      But with the success of John and Andy's Power Station, and now Arcadia's fame, what does the future hold for Duran Duran?
      "We will get back together as Duran Duran," assures Simon. "As Power Station and Arcadia we still have things to do, such as touring and filming videos. I'm hoping that Arcadia will be able to tour soon--we're just waiting for the right back-up musicians!"

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